KELIOS® is a thermochromic and photosensitive glass, it reacts to sun heat variation as well as to the intensity of sunlight. These reactions cause the glass to darken, causing its light transmission and solar control values to vary according to the incidence of solar radiation. By varying its values, only reacting to environmental changes, it becomes dynamic glazing and unlike traditional coated glass or electrochromic glass, it varies its performance according to the season in which we are automatic.

Therefore, it is the best option to achieve high energy savings.


  • There is no need for electrical installation, nor does it depend on electricity to operate.
  • Variation in its solar factor and light transmission values, adapting to each season of the year.
  • It is available as laminated glass, obtaining all the advantages of safety glass.
  • Warranty for 10 years.
  • Kelios® has Avis technique certificate
  • European manufacturing.
  • Short production period ( 5 – 7 weeks ).
  • It can be tempered and curved.


  • Luxury residential buildings

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Government buildings

  • Facades


Kelios® changes its values to adapt to any season and to achieve high energy savings. It’s the next generation of glass for the next decade.
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